South Los Angeles – March 15-20

Southern California is an amazing melting pot of cultures and experiences, and we are fortunate at CMC to be a part of this region. However, there are many misconceptions about the vibrant, diverse communities in the greater Los Angeles area. This ASB trip gives students the opportunity to complete a service project for a community organization in South LA as well as to learn about the area’s history and challenges.

We will be based at the Rakestraw Center in South Los Angeles and will be working with a community organization on a service project that will likely involve construction or renovation of facilities. Our actual project is still being determined, but last year, the ASB team built an outdoor awning for Compton Junior Posse, a nonprofit that offers equestrian training for youth as an alternative to gangs, drugs and violence. Another example of a recent project was the renovation of the library at All People’s Community Center’s after-school program.

In addition to a service project, we will have the opportunity to learn about this community’s vibrant history from a local perspective, with tours of the area and key organizations, like Homeboy Industries and the Watts Towers memorial.

Los Angeles also provides great opportunities for fun and recreation (and great diverse food), so we’ll be exploring those sides of the city as well.

This trip will focus on the economic and demographic issues that have shaped South LA, and will explore how the community is addressing the challenges it faces.

Student contribution: $200


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