2015 Trip Locations

We are considering three Alternative Spring Break trips for the 2015 Spring Break, March 14-19. The number of trips held will be dependent upon the number of applicants interested.

Food Deserts & Urban Gardening
A food desert is an area, typically an urban neighborhood or rural town, without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. Participants will learn from local organizations addressing the problem of food access, and will work at an urban community garden, all while exploring the cultural diversity of Los Angeles.

This trip will be based in South Los Angeles, and participants will be housed at the Rakestraw Center in downtown LA. There will also be opportunities to explore this area and learn about this vibrant and diverse community, so close to our own, yet so different.

Student contribution: $200


Solar Spring Break
We are partnering with Grid Alternatives to offer a Solar Spring Break opportunity in the San Diego area. Solar Spring Break enables participants to learn about solar energy programs and install solar panels for a local community. CMC ASB participants will install solar panels at the La Jolla tribe’s reservation and could participate in home stays on the reservation during the install period of the trip. Furthermore, participants will meet with local organizations to learn about harnessing solar energy as a solution to our generation’s energy challenges.

Student contribution: $300


Innovations in Urban Education
Urban areas are facing a need to develop innovative solutions to educational challenges. Participants in this group will travel north to San Francisco to visit social enterprises that are working to address these challenges and work alongside them on service-based projects. We will have the opportunity to learn from these organizations, as well as explore the culture and diversity of this amazing city. Participants will be housed at the Waller Center adjacent to the Haight-Ashbury District.

Student contribution: $300


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