2014 Trip Locations

We are offering CMC students two Alternative Spring Break trips for the 2014 Spring Break, March 15-20. The total cost for each trip is $200.

South Los Angeles

This trip will be based in South Los Angeles, performing community service while examining the economic and demographic shifts in this area’s history and the impacts of those changes. We will be housed at the Rakestraw Center in South LA, and will be working in the surrounding community on a service project. There will be many opportunities to explore this area and learn about this vibrant and diverse community so close to our own, yet often misunderstood.

San Francisco

Participants in this group will travel north to San Francisco and will be housed at the Waller Center adjacent to the Haight-Ashbury District. We will work with Education Outside, a non-profit group dedicated to developing green schoolyards in the SF Bay area and utilizing outdoor classrooms to teach children about science and environmental sustainability. We will also have the opportunity to visit other organizations focused on food justice and environmental education, and to explore this amazing city.


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